#tbt omg @austintayl0r hahahah I am SO embarrassing

Cis guys…….. *eye roll*

like don’t get me wrong i’m def a crybaby and maybe an asshole but idk what that has to do with me being trans?????

i am giving this URL to someone next week so if you wanna follow my new blog you better hmu soon

Anonymous asked:
Why do you act like being trans* makes it okay to be an entitled asshole crybaby?

i’m confused about what you think those things have to do with each other

Anonymous asked:
seems that you don't get along with your roommate, there's no respect between you and them, and you're going through the trouble of changing your blog just so you can complain about them without them seeing... why don't you just move out?it could also help with your new years resolution to meet new people.

lol you guys are seriously pathetic and need to mind your own business. you’re the reason i made a new blog, idfc that much about talking shit about someone you annoying little twerp?

Anonymous asked:
So you made a new blog just to shit talk your roommate on? Just fucking move out you god damn idiot.

are you actually that moronic or are you just trying to be annoying? i made a new blog because this one has 1500 followers and i want a more private/personal space, i talk about a lot of things i’m not comfortable with people i know in person (unless i’ve told you otherwise) reading about, and because i know my roommate has previously screenshot several of my posts vs reblogging them just to say i have no clue what because their blog is their personal space and i have always left it alone. i want to have a space i’m comfortable in, not that i really need to justify anything to you, and THAT is why i made a new blog. why the hell would i want anyone to follow me if it was just to talk shit about someone…like what is wrong with you?

i followed a bunch of you on my new blog and i messaged some of you about it i guess the rest of you will figure it out idk goodnight

do not message me if you are friends with or know anyone i live with unless we’re actually friends

done with the new blog. i’ll probably wait a little while to delete this so message me or something if you want the url.